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Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, Bankruptcy Lawyer

Colorado Springs and Pueblo Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Attorney

  • Are you suffering with medical problems or has a job loss caused you to end up with serious cash flow troubles?
  • Are your credit card bills beyond your control?
  • Are you worried that the new bankruptcy laws prevent you from filing bankruptcy?
  • Are you being sued, or constantly harassed, by your creditors?
  • Are you in danger of losing your home due to foreclosure, or car to repossession?
  • Are you living merely to pay your debts?

When monetary issues happen, fear often rears its head. Misunderstanding regarding new bankruptcy laws still stops some individuals from considering the option of filing a bankruptcy. At the law offices of John A. McLaughlin Jr., P.C., in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, we put the focus on getting rid of your worries and misunderstandings, and on keeping your assets and getting rid of the strain on your budget. Getting the relief from debt that you desire will relieve stress!

Know-how and Affordability

Clients looking for relief via a Chapter 7 discharge of debts or a Chapter 13 reorganization trust the law offices of John A. McLaughlin Jr., P.C., for our all-embracing legal knowhow and affordability. We take our job of relieving our clients’ minds seriously by explaining to them all of the bankruptcy options, the pros and cons of bankruptcy, talking about the Means Test and clearing up the numerous bankruptcy myths that exist. In addition, we assist clients in dealing with problems like wage garnishment, creditor harassment, lawsuits and home foreclosure. Our attorney’s fees for Chapter 7 start at $450 for simpler cases. Most cases are harder and fees are based upon difficulty. However, during your no obligation visit fees will be provided in writing. If you like what you see and hear, you can hire us; if not, at least you will know more about your options.

Impact of New Bankruptcy Laws

During 2005, the start of the new bankruptcy laws caused people to assume that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was nearly impossible. This is incorrect. We have discovered that the majority of our clients still meet the criteria for Chapter 7, or, if nothing else, they can qualify for a court ordered Chapter 13 reorganization.

Your Life After a Bankruptcy

Despite the things you may believe, your post-bankruptcy life is not unfavorably affected. There are things that you can do in order to stop monetary problems from coming back, such as credit counseling and making your payments on time. Plus, bankruptcy usually lets you keep your house or car. In addition, our firm can also assist you in dealing with the emotional toll bankruptcy sometimes causes in a person’s life.

Generally, your credit, and credit worthiness, begins improving. As odd as that sounds; think about it. Lending is based upon risk and ability to repay your debts. After bankruptcy you are generally in a stronger position to repay new debt because the old, “dirty,” debt is gone. Plus, after bankruptcy, discharged creditors cannot garnish your wages and you cannot file another Chapter 7 for at least eight years. You are a better a better credit risk and your ability to repay new debt is improved with cleaner cash flow.

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